Weekly classes in Brockley

Classes will be a mixture of slow movements and energising poses taken from the traditional Hatha Yoga system, whilst staying in touch with the breath and the internal sensations.
In class we aim at creating a well rounded practice to rebalance the nervous system and the energies in the body and mind. 
 Listening to our internal world and adapting the practice to the moment allow more awareness and self inquiry and make the practice more effective. 
Meditation and pranayama may be part of the sessions too. 

Small classes at The Sunflower Centre  in Brockley.

These classes run in 6 or 8 consecutive week blocks. Advanced booking only. Cost: £66/6 weeks - £88/8 weeks. Please email me if you'd like to book.

Next blocks dates:

8 week block:

24/25/28th October
31st Oct./ 1st / 4th November
7th/8th/11th November
14th/ 15th/ 18th November
21st /22nd / 25th November
28th/ 29th Nov / 2nd December
5th/ 6th / 9th December
12th / 13th /16th December

Christmas break from the 17th of December till the 2nd of January

6 week block :

3rd/4/7th January
10th/ 11th / 14th January
17th/18th/21st January
24th/ 25th/ 28th January
31st Jan /1st / 4th February
7th/ 8th /11th February



6.30- 7.45pm - Slow flow Yoga 
8- 9.15pm - Slow flow Yoga 


6.30- 7.30pm - Gentle Hatha Yoga
7.45-9pm - Slow flow Yoga 


11.15-12.15- Gentle Hatha Yoga 


Once a month: Restorative Yoga - More details HERE