Restorative Yoga Sundays

Monthly restorative Yoga

Sundays 10-12pm
@ The Sunflower centre- Brockley
81 Tressilian Road SE4 1XZ


20th January 2019
3rd February 2019
10th March 2019
28th April 2019
19th May 2019
16th June 2019
14th July 2019
4th August 2019

Come and allow your whole body and mind to deeply rest and rejuvenate.
This practice is for everyone, and especially beneficial if you feel tired, stressed, injured or simply needing a bit of time for yourself.
The class is floor based and very gentle.
 We release any effort and let our whole being soften and deeply relax. This is designed to free the body of held tension and fatigue. 
We begin with some very gentle moments (SATYA work as taught by Tias Little) to clear the pathways and calm the nervous system, before we continue on with some supported postures on bolsters to completely let go and passively continue to open up the body. 

We often end the session with Yoga Nidra, or a long relaxation. 

Limited spaces so do book early!

Open to all levels- No experience needed

Book online

Or send me an email for direct bank transfer or address for cheque payment.