One to one Yoga

Private yoga classes in London

This is how yoga used to be taught, directly from teacher to student.
1 to 1/or 2 to 1classes are ideal to get full attention from your teacher, a personalised practice and loads of adjustments.
I highly recommends this form of learning!

Either you will come to my home studio in Brockley SE4 or I will come to you to give you a totally personalised class in the comfort of your own home.
One to one classes are perfect for those who:

- can never fit a group class in their schedule
- are a beginner and want to learn the basics properly
- prefer to get full attention of the teacher and loads of adjustments
- feel like they are not flexible enough and are embarrassed to go to a group class
- feel out of shape and want to get back into their body
- have a challenging injury and want to try an alternative way to heal it
- feel confused with proper alignment and need a review of the foundations
- want to work on specific poses or techniques
- want to develop a personalised home practice
- want to deepen their practice
- are interested in meditation and calming the mind
- are going through a difficult time and need a way to manage emotions
- you are a teacher and would like some mentoring

Whatever the reason, one to one classes are a wonderful way to learn at your own pace a  suitable practice for your own needs. 
We will start with a personal assessment to define your needs. Then I will prepare a sequence that meets those needs and we will work together to refine it so you get maximum benefits from it. 

If you are interested, please contact me for availabilities and rates. Prices start from £50/h in my home Studio in SE4 London.

Gift vouchers available.

Please note that we operate a 24h cancellation policy so you are welcome to reschedule your class with 24h+ notice.Honouring your instructor's time, and commitment to your booking, classes cancelled within 24 hours are charged in full and may not be rescheduled or amended.