Yoga for spring

A yoga workshop to enter spring with vitality, strength and ease 


81 Tressilian road
Brockley, London

A delicious yoga practice to build fire, clear our body and mind's "clutter" and energise our whole being!

Blending the principles of Ayurveda and Traditional medicine, this workshop is designed to build fire (Agni) and detoxify as well as harmonizing the energy meridians.

The practice will start with breathing techniques to clear your pathways, continuing onto a deep heating, detoxifying and invigorating flow sequence.
We will then cool down with some floor poses to harmonize liver and gall bladder meridians (the 2 dominant organs in spring according to traditional Chinese medicine).
The practice will end with a deep relaxation.

This slow yet strong practice will allow you to rebalance your body, wring out any physical and mental toxins and rebalance the whole body and mind.
Open to all levels -- you will always be given the possibility to adapt the practice to your own needs.

We will share some homemade healthy snacks (gluten free)  that will replenish your energy without loading up your system before you spring into Spring! 

Spaces are limited so book early


One last space available!


If you prefer to book by doing a bank transfer just email me

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