Free your upper body Yoga workshop

Artwork  © SybillePouzet
Sunday 11th October 2015

A workshop to release tension and tightness in the chest, shoulders, neck and thoracic spine.
Join Sybille in this workshop, working towards soothing the nerves and restoring greater alignment, vitality and comfort in the upper body.

The practice will include:- breath work and gentle upper back openers to bring awareness and space to the designated area.- a fluid sequence covering a wide range of poses to warm up the muscles, lubricate the joints and start to melt away accumulated stress and knots.- a sequence specifically designed to intelligently free up the upper body, shoulders and neck and decompress the joints.- variety of poses including backbends, side stretches, shoulder openers and twists,
In the last part of the workshop, you will move to a floor sequence to further unwind before finally surrendering to a deep relaxation.
You may leave feeling freer, lighter and revitalised!

Open to all levels except complete beginners (or need to have done a beginners course at 

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