Greengage Yogurt cake - Gluten free

I now have an oven again and I have been so happy to be baking again! Simple things...
A few people in my family have discovered they can't have gluten anymore and so I have been recreating a really simple and traditional cake that we make in France: Le gateau au Yaourt.
French readers this will make you laugh, indeed this is a recipe we usually learn when we are about 3 years old... 
This is a revisited version though using a gluten free self raising blend ( Dove Farm ) and some fresh greengages I found at the Lewisham market.
You can replace the greengages with any other fruit but always be aware of the amount of water they contain and the amount you use so as not to make the cake too wet.

Buy a small yogurt pot (125g) and we will use the pot to measure the ingredients so don't throw it away!

 "Gateau au Yaourt aux reine Claudes"

1 x 125g natural yogurt pot (keep the pot to measure the other ingredients!)
2 Pots Soft Dark brown sugar
3 pots Gluten free self raising flour
2 eggs
1/2 pot Coconut oil melted
8 greengages

Preheat your oven to 180c.

Greese a cake tin with some coconut oil (I used a brownie tin here but it works very well in a round  tin too) and then flour the tin thinly shaking off the excess of flour.

In a mixing bowl, add the yogurt, sugar, and 2 pots of flour. Mix well.
Add the eggs and mix well again.
Now add the last pot of flour and the melted oil.
Pour the batter in the cake tin.

Cut the greengages in half and place them on the cake mixture skin side up, gently pressing them half way down.

Bake for about 20/25min or until a knife comes out clean.

Delicious with a cuppa'!

Bon appetit!

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