Yoga For Autumn

Saturday 11th October 2014- 2.30- 5pm
@ Yogaplace- Bethnal Green

Get strong, stay warm, grounded, balanced and relaxed to enter the colder month with ease and grace!

 A lovely flowing practice to keep your immune system strong, your body and mind energized, cleared, balanced, and calm.

As autumn arrives, a transition is occurring around us as the trees change color, the days are getting shorter and cooler. We can naturally feel more introspective, in need of more sleep and warmer foods. As animals tend to hide away and hibernate, we may feel like doing the same! However, for us, these colder months are very often some of the busiest months of the year! Our yoga practice can be a wonderful tool to help us adapt to these changes and go through the colder seasons with more ease, strength and balance. 

In this workshop, we will use breathing and movement as a tool to keep our mind and body clear, strong and relaxed, releasing anything that we do not wish to carry forward. We will warm and open the body through a well rounded strong slow flow asana practice. Hip openers, twisting, standing and arm balancing poses,  as well as some more restorative floor poses will be incorporated to make sure your whole being can be fully restored and rejuvenated.

All levels are welcome, you will always be given the possibility to adapt the practice to your own needs.
The workshop will end with tea, treats and chat to share before we all go back to our activities! 


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