A morning yoga practice video

Good morning!

I have been thinking about making some videos for you to practice in between classes, or when you're away and can't come to class, or just for when you really feel like a bit of yoga with me anywhere ;-)

So here is a little video I made for you to wake your body up. It will wake your whole body up so you are ready to start the day with loads of energy, strength and feeling calm and grounded.
It takes 25minutes, and of course you can also practice it anytime of the day if you don't make it in the morning...
This is not a professional  video but I hope this helps you anyway, please let me know how it goes and if you enjoy it I will make some more!



Your video here:


  1. Just did my morning practice with you, Sybille :) what a lovely video, thank you!! x

  2. Thanks Adela! Nice to know you practiced with me this morning! See you soon. xx