Sybille's Salad recipe e-book now for sale!

I am so excited to announce that my salad recipe e-book is now ready and you can buy it here on this blog!


It has been a wonderful experience to write it, taste all the recipes, sometimes many times, and take pictures.

16 mouth watering, easy and healthy recipes, just for you!

I have to admit it was ready a long time ago but i was struggling with technical matters and wanted everything to work properly before putting it online. It has taken perseverance to understand how to use paypal tools and web stuff but i can now say that i have become a bit of an expert (or just about...). Anyway it is now ready and i am already thinking about the next one and also about translating this one in French!

I wanted to create a little e-book with really easy recipe for everyone to enjoy and that don't ask for too many tools or "hard to find" ingredients. It is always a bonus if you can also make your food look great so i had fun plating and photo shooting them.

I hope you will enjoy it too and bon appetit!

To buy it just go to that page:

A bientôt!


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