A wonderful Raw vitality class

Thank you to all the 17 students who came to listen to me and taste my recipes!

I was teaching today, a great raw class.

I have now been teaching at Divertimenti for a while, but i always taught traditionnal food.
I think it was the first Raw class Divertimenti was holding, and it was very exciting!

Here is what we made:

Almond milk
Green Smoothie
Pink and black peppercorn cashew cheese (served with crackers)
Earth and sea salad with Wakame and Hijiki, beetroots and carrots ( Really Vibrant colours!)
Nori rolls with sprouts, parnip and miso, marinated portobello mushrooms, beetroot....and a lot of different ideas
To finish, my favorite ... a strong raw chocolate ganache tart with a coconut and cacao nibs crust and raspberry coulis...

Nori rolls


Raw chocolate ganache tart

Cashew cheese

I think some people came to the class feeling a bit sceptical about Raw food... it made me very happy to see that they slowly changed their mind by the end of it!

As for the people who asked me when i am going to write a book, well, i have to say i am already thinking about it, it will be a small ebook, already a few recipes are written... It should come out in a few months.
I will keep you posted!

For now i'd better get back to work if i want you to see this ebook ever!

And please leave me any feedback about the class, and about the chocolates!


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