I love dark chocolate. I always have. I guess i always will.

In my past experience of pastry chef, i was working with traditional chocolate quite a bit.
However, i only discovered Raw chocolate about a year ago, and i liked the idea that it is meant to be so much better for you than "normal" chocolate. So i investigated, tried a lot of different brands, and actually, i never found anything as good as my French "normal" dark chocolate i have been so used to.

However i did not want to give up my quest...

So the best thing to do was to try to make it myself.

It took a few trials and errors, and a lot of tastings to finally find the perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness, to make the chocolates smooth but hard enough, and amazingly tasty.

After so many great feedbacks from my tasting crowd, i thought that maybe i could sell them.

So i am now starting to sell them, and it's exciting!

I already have a few orders for Christmas, so if you would like some, you can still order until Tuesday, simply drop me an email Visit my webpage for more info

Those chocolates are healthy, they are sugar, dairy and gluten free. They are made of the purest and finest ingredients, mainly organic. Chocolate is full of minerals and in its purest form can be very beneficial to health.

Why raw?
The cacao powder that i use is packed full of nutrients as the cacao beans have not been roasted before being transformed into powder. The heat generally kills most of the vitamins and minerals. This is why this chocolate is so potent!

Their strong and intense dark chocolate taste is perfect to enjoy at any time of the day...

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