Sybille is a slow vinyasa flow yoga teacher, and vegetarian cookery teacher in London.

She loves to share her enthusiasm for a vibrant lifestyle with as many people as possible.

She teaches a strong, slow, creative flow yoga with a focus on alignment, breathing and relaxation allowing the body to open, strengthen, stretch, soften, rebalancing the whole being. At the end of a class you may feel energised, relaxed and perhaps stronger and limber.

The combination of delicious, nutritious food and Yoga can bring a huge amount of vitality, a vibrant exciting life and a deep connection to one's own truth...

Through her cookery demonstrations and writing, she is hoping to give people an opportunity to feel inspired and excited about beautiful healthy food.
She is always looking for inspiration and new ideas to share with the world  and is forever a student herself!

Wether you are looking for a Yoga class, a vegetarian cooking workshop, private classes in your home or group classes, take a look through the website and feel free to contact her if you have any questions.