Arm balances workshop

Arm balances, come learn to fly with ease!
Saturday 12th July 2014- 2.30- 5pm
@ Yogaplace- Bethnal Green

In this workshop, we will explore the foundations of arm balances, examine principles of alignment and learn how to connect to the core so we can balance with ease.
We will start with basic poses to condition our mind and body to progress safely to more advanced arm balance postures.
This workshop will explore arm balances in a safe and approachable way, helping you overcome fears, build core strength, enhance the strength and stability of your shoulders and wrists, improve your focus and concentration, and awaken a greater sense of aliveness and possibilities.
For all levels except complete beginners.

Raw Cheesecake recipe

I had been thinking about giving you a bit more recipes lately so it is my immense pleasure to introduce you to the Raw Cheesecake! 
This is not trying to compete with the dairy version of this famous desert but it is really delicious in its own right.
Some would say it is healthier as it has no dairy, no processed sugar, no wheat and it is vegan. It is still a rich desert though so treat as such...
Try it with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries or any of your favourite fruit.
It makes a delicious summer pudding...

Vanilla Cheesecake with almond crust

For the crust
1 and ¾ cup almonds
¼ cup medjol dates
½ cup figs
Zest of one lemon
A pinch of sea salt

For the filling
3 cups cashews, soaked for at least 1h
¾ cup lemon juice (about 4 lemons)
¾ cup agave syrup
¾ cup + 1 TBSP coconut butter (melted)
1 vanilla pod
½ tsp sea salt
Fresh berries and coconut flakes to decorate
(1/2 cup of frozen red fruit optional to make a layered cheesecake- see tip)

For the crust: 
Blend all the crust ingredients in a food processor until slightly sticky (when you take a bit of the mixture and press it between two fingers it should stick together).
Press into a cheesecake tin, refrigerate.

For the filling:
Drain the cashew nuts and put in a food processor or high speed blender. Add the lemon juice, agave syrup, ¾ cup coconut butter (melted), vanilla and salt. Process until the mixture is smooth. 
Pour the mixture onto the crust, decorate with berries and coconut flakes, refrigerate. You can also freeze your cheesecake to make it in advance!

For a 2 layer cheesecake with red fruit:
Only pour ¾ of the vanilla mixture on the crust, refrigerate and let it set.
Keep the ¼ of the mixture that’s left in the food processor and add ½ cup of red fruit and 1 TBSP of melted coconut butter. Process until smooth then pour over the first layer of the cheesecake. At this stage you can decorate with berries and coconut flakes. Refrigerate and let it set. 
You can also freeze the cheesecake if you want to prepare it in advance.

Free your Hips and Hamstrings
Saturday 14th June 2014- 2.30- 5pm
@ Yogaplace- Bethnal Green


Sunday 22nd June 2014 - 10am- 12.30pm
@ The sunflower Centre- Brockley

A blend of creative flow and held postures to free your hips and hamstrings, increase mobility in the spine, improve posture and release muscular and emotional tension in the legs, hips and lower back. 

If we sit, walk cycle, run a lot, there is a good chance that our hips and hamstrings need a good stretch!
All these movements often tighten the hip flexors and shorten the hamstrings if done repeatedly without much stretching.
Overtime this can upset the muscles and structures above and below the hips. In fact knee problems and lower back pain are often connected to tension in the hips and tightness in the hamstrings. 

In this workshop, we will work on stabilizing hips and lower spine, and releasing muscles around these joints. We will stretch but also strengthen the hamstrings while maintaining optimal alignment to open the body safely and keep it well balanced. 

The body also holds emotions in tense muscles and the deep muscles of the hips are often the centre of many stuck and suppressed emotions. By releasing tension, old stuck emotion can sometimes be freed.

You may leave the workshop feeling freer, and with tools to keep practicing these openings in your own practice.