Sunday 25th of February 2018

10- 3.30pm

@The Sunflower centre
81 Tressilian road
SE4 1XZ 


10am- 12pm:  Slow flow Yoga 

12.15- 1.15pm: Lunch

1.30- 3.30pm: Gentle yoga/ restorative and Yoga Nidra

Tickets are £65 per person including lunch and tea. 

Having the whole day to practice means we can take more time to dive in and go deep into the practice of Yoga.  
In this retreat, we'll have time to experience a complete practice including pranayama (breathing exercises), Asanas (postures), Meditation and deep relaxation. 
This is designed to rejuvenate and restore your whole body/mind. 

A homemade and easy to digest lunch of Ayurvedic Kitchari, salad and a sweet treat will be provided to assist our practice. 

Book online bellow or email me if you prefer to book via bank transfer or cash. 


New Year Yoga workshop


@ The Sunflower Centre- Brockley

Saturday 30th of December

Transition into the New Year with spaciousness and ease.
Clear your body and mind's "clutter, revitalise and deeply relax through a fluid sequence of asanas, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra. 

A lovely way to end the year, and start the new one! 
The workshop will begin with a short relaxation and some breathing exercises to clear the pathways. We will then move on to a fluid sequence of movements to continue to make space and revitalise the whole body and mind. 
The sessions will end with a short meditation and a good long relaxation with yoga nidra. 
We'll share a few homemade treats before going back to our activities! 

Spaces are limited to so book early! 

Restorative Yoga


Come along this Autumn to deeply rest and restore balance to your body and mind.

These workshops are wonderful at allowing the nervous system to reset, and enter into the "rest & digest" or "healing" mode. 
It helps the natural ability of our bodies and mind to find balance again, and gives a safe space to explore our internal world... 
Perfect in the often busy autumn/winter season, when really what we should do is follow what nature does, rest...but it's often a really busy time... 

We blend gentle somatic movements, and purely restorative practices holding poses supported by props as well as Yoga nidra/ deep relaxation to make it a complete practice of deep rest and healing for the body and mind. 
This is a completely floor based session, open to everyone, no experience needed. 

I hope to see you soon in class or at a workshop! 

Bellow are dates and online booking options.

Monthly restorative Yoga
Sundays 10-12pm
@ The Sunflower centre- Brockley

8th October 2017
5th November 2017
10th December 2017

Limited spaces so do book early!
Open to all levels- No experience needed
How To book: 



Or send me an email for direct bank transfer or address for cheque payment.