81 Tressilian road
Brockley, London

Transition into the New Year with spaciousness and ease.
Clear your body and mind's "clutter, revitalise and deeply relax through a fluid sequence of asanas, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra. 

A lovely way to end the year, and start the new one! 
The workshop will begin with a short relaxation and some breathing exercises to clear the pathways. We will then move on to a fluid sequence of movements to continue to make space and revitalise the whole body and mind. 
The sessions will end with a short meditation and a good long relaxation with yoga nidra. 
We'll share a few homemade treats before going back to our activities! 

Waiting list: email me sybille@sybillepouzet.com

Welcome back to class!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer, and are ready for Yoga again!

All the classes are running in Brockley, they will be covered by Damaris while I am on maternity leave until December. 
I am still taking the bookings so do get in touch if you have any requests! 

I will be back teaching a restorative Sunday session in December so stay tuned... 



Fully booked- Waiting list

From Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon, you will delve into the wonders of ancient Yogic practices and discover tools to ground, energise and deeply relax your body, mind and heart.  
Away from the usual demands of daily life, in a stunningly beautiful, safe and nurturing environment, Sybille invites you to come take care of yourself, deepen your practice and simply enjoy being. 
This weekend retreat is set within an area of outstanding natural beauty in the South Downs, just an hour and a half's drive from London.