Neck, shoulder and upper back release workshop

Neck, shoulder and upper back release workshop

Saturday 19th April 2014- 2.30- 5pm
@Yogaplace- Bethnal Green

In this workshop we will focus on releasing tightness in the neck, shoulder and upper back while also getting a balanced practice for the whole body. 
We will work towards soothing the nerves and restoring greater alignment, vitality and comfort especially in the upper body.

The practice will begin with some breath work and gentle upper back openers to bring awareness and space to the designated area.
A fluid sequence will follow covering a wide range of poses to warm up the muscles, lubricate the joints and start to melt away accumulated stress and knots.
We will then move on to a sequence specifically designed to intelligently free up the upper body, shoulders and neck and decompress the joints.

You will learn simple yet efficient stretches and movements you can easily do anywhere to quickly release tension in your everyday life.
We will have a look at improving postural alignment and simple anatomy to gain a better understanding about the mechanisms of the body in this area. This should help avoiding re-building up tightness in the upper body.

In the last part of the workshop, we will move onto our back finishing with a floor sequence to further unwind before finally surrendering to a deep relaxation.

You may leave feeling freer, lighter and revitalised.

Spring Yoga workshop

Spring into spring
Entering Spring with Grace, Strength and vitality

Sunday 23rd March 2014- 2.30- 5pm
@ Yogaplace- Bethnal Green

A delicious fluid yoga practice to build fire, clear our body and mind's "clutter" and energise our whole being!

Blending the principles of Ayurveda and Traditional medicine, this workshop is designed to build fire (Agni) and detoxify as well as harmonizing the energy meridians.

The practice will start with breathing techniques to clear your pathways, continuing onto a deep heating, detoxifying and invigorating flow sequence. 
We will then cool down with some floor poses to harmonize liver and gall bladder meridians (the 2 dominant organs in spring according to traditional Chinese medicine). 
The practice will end with a deep relaxation.

This slow yet strong practice will allow you to rebalance your body, wring out any physical and mental toxins and rebalance the whole body and mind.
Open to all levels -- you will always be given the possibility to adapt the practice to your own needs.

As always we will share tea and healthy snacks (all gluten free and vegan, made by me) that will replenish your energy without loading up your system before you spring into Spring!